Outreach is among the pillars that Colorado State University was founded upon and is an effort that continues today through interaction with our Colorado communities, and around the globe. CSU’s Commitment to Community is a reflection of the University’s promise of service and engagement to Colorado citizens, executed by providing resources, participating in events, and building community partnerships. Colorado State University is proud to be part of such a vibrant and active Fort Collins Community.  At many of the community events you will find CSU hosting a booth, tent, or activities.  This fall we are proud to be part of multiple community events. We invite you to join in on all the fun!

Fall 2017 Events

CSU Football

Colorado State University Football will kickoff the 2017 season in a new home. The new multi-purpose stadium is more than a new stadium for football fans. It’s a building that captures the passion and trajectory of campus, becoming a place for students, fans, and the community to learn, socialize, and celebrate. It is designed to be used year-round with an 80,000 sq. ft. alumni center, event and meeting space, classroom and training center. Join us for a football game!


September 9, vs. Abilene Christian

October 14, vs. Nevada

October 18, vs. Air Force

November 11, vs. Boise State

November 18, vs. San Jose State

2017 Gameday Guide

University Symphony Orchestra & CSU Theatre Present: Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

September 21-22

The University Symphony Orchestra and CSU Theatre perform Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, the brilliant effort between composer Andre Previn and the fecund playwright Tom Stoppard. Not often produced due to the challenge of staging a play requiring a full orchestra, the production — conducted by Maestro Wes Kenney and directed by Dr. Eric Prince — celebrates the collaborative capabilities of the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. The story concerns dissident Alexander Ivanov; imprisoned in a Soviet mental hospital, he will not be released until admitting that his statements against the government were caused by a (non-existent) mental disorder. In the hospital, he shares a cell with a genuinely disturbed schizophrenic, also called Ivanov, who believes to have an orchestra under his command. The play satirizes the Soviet practice of treating political dissidence as mental illness, and its title will be recognized as the classic mnemonic used by music students to remember the notes on the lines of the treble clef.

To add to the intrigue, CSU faculty member Dr. Wesley Ferreira joins the orchestra on David Schiff’s Canti di Davide, a mesmerizing clarinet concerto in homage to the late pianist David Golub. Sergei Prokofiev’s score to the film Lt. Kije rounds out this provocative evening.